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Friendly Dog Collars

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Offering a range of dog collars, leads and harnesses which providing a visible message to other dog owners and people when out and about on walks.
Do you have a nervous dog?
Can your dog be unpredictable with strangers?
Tired of other dogs getting too close?
Are you frustrated with people judging your dog just because of their breed, when in fact they have nothing to worry about?

Do you have a dog that isn't good with children or adults and you need to let others know in advance?

Or maybe you have a dog that is not good with other dogs, yet other dogs come running up to your dog?

There are many more dog situations that cause problems and can be helped with a simple item.

We are pleased to be able to offer a range of dolg collars, leads and harnesses at fantastic prices which can act as a warning to other dog owners and strangers, helping to avoid difficult situations.  Products are available in the following ranges and come in different sizes from the very small to the very large.  Prices start from just £6.99 including UK delivery!

  • Nervous Dog

  • No Dogs

  • Caution

  • Deaf Dog

  • Blind Dog

  • Adopt Me

Download our pricing and sizes guide here and ordering details
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