(Licence Number: 18/06160/ANIACT)

Professional dog walking, dog home boarding and pet photography services
in Worcester 

Dog Walking 

  1. Number of dogs
    I walk a maximum of 3 dogs at any time, allowing me to give individual attention and quality time
  2. Training
    If your dog is being trained then please let me know and I will look to reinforce this during the walk
  3. On Lead
    I walk dogs on lead. I do not collect dogs to let them off in a field. This is firstly down to safety but also allows me to reinforce any training being given
  4. Dog Diary
    All client's receive a dog diary where I record any observations during my visits and any messages or special requests can be left for me
  5. Back to home
    All paws will be checked, coats towel dried if wet and water bowls freshly replenished. If you have a routine when you usually leave, like leaving a treat or securing your dog in a separate area, please let me know and I will follow your lead
  6. Puppies
    When old enough, puppies are gradually introduced to a lead, having lots of fun on the way. Puppy walking time can be limited if very young, so is typically a visit plus lead introduction to begin
  7. First Aid
    A first aid kit is always at hand to cater for most eventualities. I also have first hand experience of resuscitating one of my own dogs in an emergency situation and able to reapply that knowledge if ever needed
  8. Key Holding
    I also offer a free of charge key holding service. Keys are kept in a safe and totally seperated from owners details (can also be useful if you ever get locked out)!
Please note:  In exceptional weather conditions (extreme heat or cold) walks may be shortened or replaced with a shorter let out service.  We would not expect dogs to be walking or playing for 30 minutes during extremely warm weather due to a risk of over heating.  This is for the dog's welfare and particularly so for younger dogs, older dogs, short nosed and heavy coated breeds.